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Mantoo Steamed Dumplings

Mantoo Steamed Dumplings 20.00$ filled with lamb, onion & spices served with a sauce of homemade yoghurt & tomato

Ashak 20.00$ delicate pastry envelopes stuffed with leek

Dahl & Naan 15.00$ red lentils cooked in spices with fried garlic


Bolini 17.00$ pan-fried turnover filled with vegetables

Bourani Kachaloo 12.00$ Pan fried potato in sauce and yoghurt

Badenjon Bourani

Badenjon Bourani 14.00$ Pan fried eggplant in sauce & yoghurt

Mixed Chef’s 22.00$ 33.00$ selection of different entrees

Dip Naan

Dip Naan 16.00$ selection of dips with naan bread