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Vanilla Ice Cream 10.00$

Afghan salad 7.50$ with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red cabbage and herbs dressed with a home made yoghurt

Home Made Yoghurt 4.50$ with mint & cucumber. A perfect accompaniment to naan bread

Palau 7.50$ Afghan brown rice

Prune And Beans Korma 23.00$ prune & yellow beans cooked in herb sauce

Vegetarian Sholla Gorbandi 26.00$ Spiced rice & mung beans served with a vegetable dish

Vegetarian Kabuli Palau 25.50$ a vegetarian rice dish with carrots, sultanas, almonds served with a vegetable dish

Baamia Korma 21.00$ pan fried okra and garlic cooked in a light sauce

Gulpee Korma 21.00$ cauliflower cooked in herbs with a spicy tomato, onion & garlic sauce

Sabzi Korma

Sabzi Korma 21.00$ spinach cooked in herbs with a spicy tomato